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Astronomical society urges people to provide evidence on sighting

Astronomical society urges people to provide evidence on sighting


KATHMANDU: The Nepal Astronomical Society has urged Gandaki province residents to offer additional proof on an unknown object noticed coming into the ambiance from house, as many individuals had reported sighting a shiny object flying in direction of the Earth adopted by a crashing sound.

On Thursday evening, folks from Western elements of Nepal had taken to social media to report sighting of the ‘burning’ object .

Although a number of rubbished the posts as hoax, repeated accounts of the occasion result in a wider hypothesis and finally, NASO’s response, searching for proof to look into the matter.

there was a unknown object falling from sky this night. Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO) stated, "There isn’t any risk of satellite tv for pc and asteroid as folks reported sound of blast so It could be bolide or Meteor pic.twitter.com/9YfqzqHa5S

— Bhim (स्वतन्त्र) Abish (@abish_adhikari) March 26, 2020


The society, in the meantime, said that the article may very well be a fireball or a bolide (very shiny meteor, one which explodes within the ambiance.)

“The object seen within the Nepali sky this night might be a fireball or a bolide. We are wanting into the matter and can share extra updates tomorrow,” it stated in a press release late on Thursday.

NASO urged folks to offer particulars of the event- “If you might be from Gandaki Pradesh and have some proof that could be useful to analyze the occasion, please contact us.”


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