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Arsenicum Album 30c Holistic approach Lifestyle omeopathic medicine preventive measure

Alternative approaches to dealing with coronavirus

Alternative approaches to dealing with coronavirus


Two weeks in the past Sobha Rai’s husband purchased a couple of packets of medication as “medication for COVID-19”. It turned out to be the homeopathic medication Arsenicum Album 30C. And Rai has been consuming it as per the directions on the label.

“This medication boosts your immunity and helps within the prevention of COVID-19 an infection,” shares Rai. The 54-year-old handled her cough with the homeopathic medication — “the cough that didn’t go away even after visiting many hospitals was cured after choosing homeopathy. That is why I imagine it (Arsenicum Album 30C) can even work to spice up my immunity to assist stop COVID-19”.

On May 11, the Department of Ayurveda & Alternative Medicine (DOAA) had issued a suggestion ‘Ayurveda and Alternative Medicine Guidelines of Preventive Measures and Management Protocol for COVID 19 in Nepal’ recommending Arsenicum Album 30C as certainly one of homeopathy’s preventive measures for COVID-19 issues. The guideline additionally recommends preventive well being measures, healing administration and boosting immunity to battle COVID-19 — the suggestions are primarily based on Ayurvedic literature and scientific publications’ particular reference to respiratory well being in Ayurveda amongst others.

The preliminary distribution of Arsenicum by DOAA was adopted by a hearsay that it’s the “medication for COVID-19”, although no remedy for COVID-19 has been found but.

The DOAA needed to difficulty a discover to ‘not’ label this medication as “treatment for COVID-19” declaring it’s for use as a “measure to spice up immunity to battle the illness and to forestall its signs”, and as really helpful by a homeopathic physician or by the DOAA guideline.

A safety measure

A remedy for COVID-19 has not been discovered but, and the one measure we’ve for now’s prevention.

There are a number of ongoing medical trialsf  of each western and conventional medicines as per the World Health Organisation (WHO). It says it’s coordinating efforts to develop vaccines and medicines to forestall and deal with COVID-19.

In such a scenario, can various medication or complementary medication assist on this battle?

Dr Vasudev Upadhyay, Director General of DOAA, stresses we’ve the medication with us. “That is our immunity.”

So, his division felt the necessity to spotlight preventive and healing measures towards COVID-19 and handle its problems.

Some extent from the DOAA guideline states, “In our context, we’ve Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Unani, Yoga & Naturopathy, and Sow-Rigpa, which is collectively often known as Ayurveda and Alternative Medicines (AAM); historic and conventional medicinal practices and compendia of giant medical data together with respiratory tract ailments will be examined to deal with flu-like signs of the sufferers throughout this pandemic.”

It additionally contains strategies for utilizing medicines and cures which have herbs like tulsi, turmeric, garlic, ashwagandha to call a couple of, to observe a wholesome way of life, and to practise yoga primarily based on Ayurveda and another various medicines.

“These medicines have properties that may work as immunity booster. We can use them as preventive measures,” provides Dr Upadhyay and shares that Ayruveda’s first precedence is to forestall a illness.

Dr Ambika Prasad Gyawali, VicePresident, All Nepal Homeopathic Association says the basis of homeopathy is that it doesn’t simply deal with the illness, it treats the sufferers. “That means, it (homeopathic medication) strengthens the immune system to battle off the illness in a human physique — it helps to deal with the illness throughout the strategy of strengthening of the physique’s immunity.”

And Arsenicum Album, which in accordance with him has been in use for greater than 200 years, does the identical — it’s used to deal with many ailments together with bronchial asthma, cough, ache, swelling (irritation), amongst others. The DOAA guideline has listed it as one of many homeopathic ‘prevention’ medicines that may be given in accordance with the signs prevalent.

“These medicines enhance the immune system and will work towards corona issues,” the rule provides.

Holistic strategy

Alternative medication is a extra holistic means of human well being. “It concentrates on way of life and different non-medical components along with medical therapies. What type of meals you eat, how effectively do you sleep, train, how effectively is your frame of mind, and your complete atmosphere issues loads,” explains Torakichi Akita, a Kai-therapist.

“Eating extra vegetarian meals and in addition engaged on boosting your immune system, and guaranteeing good blood circulation with requisite oxygenation, how effectively have you ever been detoxifying your physique, and the way effectively you’re at sustaining your stress and nervousness ranges — these are related to the steadiness and vigour of your immune system. Then there’s the air pollution. If the atmosphere may be very unhealthy, like in Kathmandu, then it could actually undermine the results of an in any other case wholesome way of life,” Akita says.

Dr Upadhyay too believes in the advantages of incorporating time-tested herbs of Ayurveda or yoga observe like Pranayam into our way of life.

“Swine flu was new earlier. COVID-19 is new now. Another one will are available 5 years. Such viruses will carry on growing in our surroundings. What we’ve to do is strengthen our immunity — we are able to do this by including natural decoctions into our way of life,” he shares.

Immunity is affected by bodily, sensorial, psychological or emotional points, provides Director of Ayurveda Health Home Nepal Dr Rishi Ram

Alternative approaches to coping with coronavirus Docs say our immunity is the most effective medication to battle the virus, so enhance it to the max Koirala. “So, there’s a want for deeper counselling and way of life teaching, and that is doable.”

By elevating your physique temperature, avoiding junk meals, deep respiration, Pranayama and Sudarshankriya, sleeping 8-10 hours, lowering stress, being round optimistic individuals, being in nature, all assist in boosting your immune system, in accordance with who Akita.

“In this sense, there is no such thing as a particular remedy for virus in various medication. The hazard of the virus is basically to aged individuals whose immune programs are weak or individuals whose immune programs have been compromised by different ailments and by medicine used to deal with these ailments as many medicine weaken the physique and depart it susceptible to varied pathogens,” reveals Akita.

He additionally factors out that “viruses and different microbes have helped form the physique’s immune system by enabling it to recognise pathogens and growing resistance. There are not any efficient preventive or healing cures for a lot of viruses in mainstream medication. Historically it has been the physique that has fought the virus by means of its immune system, which learns to recognise, establish and destroy the virus. So, it is vitally essential to maintain your immune system lively at its highest degree”.

Dr Gyawali suggests an built-in strategy. As per him, we are able to take allopathy and complementary or various medication collectively utilizing the specialities — be it for COVID-19 or another illness. Even the rules for healing administration doesn’t declare confirmatory healing administration of COVID-19, whereas its preventive measures embody directives like common cleansing of arms with cleaning soap and water, or alcohol-based sanitiser, sustaining protected distance from others and the likes.



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